Honeoye Falls. Not So Different From Salt Water.

1.  The neat thing about this waterfall is that it’s smack in the middle of the village of Honeoye Falls.

2.  Like a lot of other small villages around here,  Honeoye Falls owes its start to creek water or canal water … or water from one of the Great Lakes or from the Finger Lakes.

3.  Fresh water creeks and fresh water lakes are different from salt water.

4.  It seems silly now, but for the longest time after moving up here,  I missed salt water.  Because I’d spent the summers of my adolescence on the New Jersey shore or farther up the eastern seaboard, in Rhode Island.

In my junior year of college, I could look out the window in my dorm room and see Long Island Sound.  On a clear day,  I could see the ocean.

And, then later, when I was all grown up,  I’d make the 10 hour road trip with my husband,  up to Bath, Maine to visit my in-laws.  More salt water.

5.  Salt water versus fresh water.  Different yet the same.

6.   When I need to find a Larger Purpose or a Calm Center in myself,  it really doesn’t matter if I’m standing where I can see and smell the ocean or where I can feel the spray from Honeoye Falls against my face.

7.   What’s important is that, after all this time,  I’ve figured out that in order to feel centered,  balanced and whole,  I need to live close to a large body of water.

8.   The water – in one form or another – was always there.  Wonder why it took me such a long time to put it all together?   [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]



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