Deck The Halls! Hang Them Balls …

Deck the halls!  Hang Them Balls!! This year, we added to our outside decorations.  We hung brightly colored (and what the box claimed were outside) balls – uh, ornaments, on the two Dogwood trees in our front yard.

We did this on the Day After Thanksgiving when it felt like a warm October day.

At first,  I thought that they might look tacky.  But.  After looking at them for almost a month now,  I’ve decided that they look like two Charlie Brown Christmas trees.

Kind of spare – looking.  Stripped down to the bare bones of the Holiday Spirit.  The essence of it all,  not the over-indulgence of Giving So Much that you feel depleted.

Or stretched beyond your financial abilities to Buy Presents For Those You Love.  Because, now that I’m older (wiser?),  what I know is that what I want to give  – give from the Bottom Of My Heart – to everyone I know – are the Intangible Presents.

The presents that last long after the indoor Christmas trees have been taken down and dragged out to the curb.  The ones that tug at our hearts 365 days out of every year …


The peace that comes from knowing that you are where you are supposed to be with the people who are supposed to be in your life.


Compassion so that when it comes time for you to dig deep down into your heart and soul to forgive:

to forgive someone for what might have seemed  (when it happened),  to be Something You Thought That You Could Never Forgive,

so that YOU come to an understanding that lets you move on with a Joyful Heart.


Never stop having it.  Seeking it.  Giving it.  Wanting it.  Finding It.  When it seems like everything else has Picked Up And Left You,  your ability to have fun will be the thing that kicks your butt and gets you back in the game!  Promise.   [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]


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