Family Leaves 15 Year Old Dog Behind

Some names have been made up because I don’t know the REAL names.  And, I don’t know the REAL circumstances behind why this “sprightly”  15 year old dog was surrendered to Lollypop Farm, other than what’s posted underneath the adorable photograph of Dooley.

By the time you read this post, Dooley will have been adopted so you will have to imagine what he looks like. When his photograph was posted on Lollypop Farm’s web site, he was the cute, scruffy-looking fellow described as part Lhasa Apso Scottish Terrier, just the cutest, little senior guy! What made my heart break into a thousand pieces is that his human family moved and left him behind.

I’m happy that this family didn’t toss Dooley out on the street;  that one of his humans had the presence of mind to bring him out to Lollypop Farm.  Where  he’ll be seen by a LOT of people who are Looking For That Special Dog To Bring Home.

Maybe, one of those families will see the advantages of adopting a 15 year old, “sprightly” guy.

I LOVE that word!  Sprightly.  Sprightly has a nice ring to it.  Kind of up-beat.  Up beat with Attitude.  Sprightly.

Sprightly.  Sprightly.

Just so we’re clear, this post is NOT about Lollypop Farm.  They’re the good guys for taking Dooley in.

THIS post is about me Going On A Rant to blast “this family” for their Cold Heart.  What were you thinking?  Yeah,  I know.  Maybe times are tough and you could barely feed your human family because you lost your home because you lost your job over two years ago and haven’t been able to find another one and your husband/wife got laid off from her job 8 months ago and that’s about the time Things Got Worse and you’ve all been SO depressed.

What else could you do but decide to pack up your bags and move to someplace where you could Start Over?

Just where did you go, Dooley’s family?  Into the next county?  Out of state?  You did take your (human) kids with you,  right?  And,  just what did you say to those (human) kids after you made the decision to Get Rid Of Dooley?

Do you think that deep down in their hearts,  your (human) kids might wonder if perhaps, one day you’ll Get Rid Of Them Too?

Okay.  THAT was a good note to end on.

Just for clarity’s sake,  I am the sole author of this post.  Lollypop Farm did not approach me and ask me to write a post on Dooley’s behalf.  Nor did they ask me to write a post that ranted about The Family That Left Dooley Behind.

That was my own idea.  For which I take Full Responsibility.  Now, if you’ll excuse me,  I have my own senior (14 year old whippet) dog to take out for a walk.




    • htkhp says

      I don’t know. This was one of the stories my son brought home from Lollypop – he’s one of their volunteer dog walkers on Monday afternoons from 3PM – 5PM. Apparently, Dooley was Left Behind about a month ago. Maybe it’s for the best. Dooley may have a job to do with another family that will be turn out to be his best one yet. At least, that’s what I believe.

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