Still Waiting For Snow

Somewhere out in the southwestern states there’s a blizzard storm that roared into at least four states sometime yesterday.  Maybe it’s still there:  closing down highways,  keeping people indoors,  knocking outside Christmas decorations off of three branches.

As you can see,  we are Still Waiting For Snow.

It’s not so bad from a dog walker’s point of view.  Tessa and I can still practice fast walking and about turns – around the two dogwoods – before we head off down the sidewalk.

I can still toss a light jacket over my hooded sweatshirt before opening the back door at 5AM to take myself and two of my dogs out into the early morning darkness for that first pee.

It’s a pleasant interlude – this not having snow.  And, I suppose that its absence gives us Something To Look Forward To.   [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]



    • htkhp says

      Could it finally be that we are getting a true taste of global warming OR is Mother Nature having a good chuckle at our expense?

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