Making Sense of Things From Other People’s Blogs

It’s one of those days that started at 2:30AM when I realized that I was Awake with no possibility of Falling Back To Sleep.  And, so, here I am.  On my second cup of coffee, the dogs safely sleeping in other rooms and the cats too.

About to make Sense of Things.

I’ve made the rounds of the three blogs I visit as part of my morning routine:  Jon Katz who blogs from Bedlam Farm,  my friend Marie who fosters puppies, and Ree Drummond who is the Pioneer Woman.  And, one more:  The Creative Junkie.

Not to forget the regular visits I make to  I Have Cat for yet a fourth perspective on life lived with cats.  Because Cats Are Different.

Last, but certainly not least, is my friend Barbara who blogs at Long Hollow.

Barb and I found each other more than two years ago when I first started blogging over at  Barb had been blogging a lot longer than I had and much of what she chose to write about – like The Creative Junkie – was and still is, her family.

Other people’s blogs are always open – like the 24 hour Seven Eleven or the all night diner- so that when you do find yourself awake at ungodly hours of the morning,  you have places to go.

Other people’s blogs have different perspectives, different graphics and different  font styles.  And different agendas.

Other people’s blogs are fun to visit, and give me that added incentive to keep up my End Of Things.  I’m drawn to compelling stories and good writing.  And humor.

More than all of this,  I am drawn to those individuals whose unique voice says, “This is who I am.  This is what’s important to me.  If it’s important to you,  stick around.”   [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]








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