Merry Christmas!

M   –    May the New Year be your Best Time.

E    –    Each of us gets three wishes.  Whatever we want.

E    –    Even Super Heroes take a day off.

R    –    Reach for the moon. If you miss,  you’ll land among the stars.

Y    –    You’ll never know unless you decide to Go For It.  So, make it your BEST  “it.”


C    –   Could it get any worse?  Yep.  But, it will never be anything that you can’t handle.

H    –  Hope is the secret weapon of optimists.

R    –   Rescue one.  Adopt one.  Foster one.  Even doing Just One will change you.

I    –    If this is your last dance?  Salsa!

S   –    See what going one day without talking does for your inner dialogue.

T   –    Think very carefully about your three wishes.

M   –   Much Ado was never about nothing.  It will always be about Something.

A   –    Always remember to show up.  You won’t like the alternative.

S   –    Save the last dance for me.

Have a Merry Christmas …. and, I’ll see you next year!


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