Give Your Dog A Bone.

Any safe bone. Which means NOT chicken (bones).

Give a bone to reward.  Comfort. Occupy.  Distract.  One that’s hollow so you can stuff it with:  smooth peanut butter (no nuts),  or cream cheese.

Cream cheese?

Might have to consult the Canine Nutritionist about cream cheese.  See what the skinny is on that.

Give the bone that keeps on giving.  Satisfies that Urge To Chew.

Instant gratification.

A peace-keeping device.  On earth.

Heaven?  Not so much.

Unless you Believe.  Which does not diminish your dog’s instinctive Desire to Chew.

Chew They Do.

But.  Desire?

That would imply Something Else.   A nod to a more complex DNA.

Which might take this post to another bone.

The bone of contention.

Where we won’t go.

At least not today.   [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]



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