The Art of Doing More With Less.

We are at that interesting time of year:  the six days between Christmas and the New Year where the main occupation seems to be to Wait For The Time To Pass.

When I was teaching,  this was one of my most favorite times because Everything Stopped that had to do with getting up REALLY early so that I could be in my classroom by 6:30AM.

When I was working 9-5 in sales,  this was the time of year when nobody was buying whatever it was that I was selling.

My friends, who were also in sales and had more sales experience than I did, arranged their out-of-town vacations around this time of year.

Not so surprising, it’s become a good time of year to clean house – both literally and figuratively.  Out with the old.  In with the new.

Get rid of junk.  Simplify your life.

Less is more.

And, the older I get,  the more I like less.

Less is easier to manage.  Easier to wrap my arms around.  Easier to live with and it takes less time to throw it away after it has Served Its Purpose.

Less isn’t messy.  It’s got a clean, pared down look and feel to it.  And, it’s easier to focus on.  Instead of trying to do five things, choose two out of the five and concentrate on just those two.

Just make sure you choose the BEST two out of the five.

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