All Cute Puppies Grow Up.

I’m the New Kid on the Block.  And, with the exception of that grey-muzzled Great Dane – the one who lives down the street and is HUGE,  I will be the next biggest dog in the neighborhood … when I’m all grown up.

And, I’m cute.  Which is entirely the point.  If you happen to be a puppy.

My human family waited five years after the death of their first dog before they decided to get Another Dog.

Before they got me.

I’m told that they spent two years researching Mastiffs – that’s what I am – and hanging out with a group of Mastiff owners and their dogs … before they got me.

Was that smart or what?

Now they’re looking for a new car.   Something about needing more space was what I heard them talking about.

And, we’re going to dog school.  Duh.  THAT was a no brainer.

So, far, it’s been going rather well.  I expect that, along the way, there will be some Bumps In the Road.

But.  There won’t be anything that we can’t handle.  And,  I’m not saying that just because I’m cute.

Which I am.

I’m saying that because I think my human family looked beyond the Cuteness Factor before they decided to get another dog.  Before they decided to get me.

All things considered,  we just might live Happily Ever After.  [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]






  1. htkhp says

    You are SO right, Maria. I wish that one of us could wave a magic wand so that there were homes for all of the unwanted pets. Until that happens, you keep fostering and I’ll keep writing.

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