Not A Crafter Or A Cook. A Different Kind of Creativity.

I’m not crafty.  I can so appreciate this kind of creativity, knowing that I’ll never be that person who can completely transform her house into a designer showcase all from the work of her own two hands.

And, I don’t cook.  Well, I do make a darn good meat loaf – entirely from scratch – and I can put together a white sauce – also from scratch.  Over the years, my husband took on this role.  To the point where our meals at  home far surpass what the best local restaurants serve up.

I’m a reader who can write.  Or, a  writer who can read.  I believe the two are equal halves of a whole and they are both important to me. They are how I make sense of this world, find my center, define myself.

I get a deep satisfaction from hunkering down with a good book or from pulling words out of my brain and arranging them into a kind of order that makes something from nothing.

This is my creativity.

In much the same way that dogs have become another form of creativity for me.  Almost without my becoming aware of it.

There are things that I know to do without giving it much thought when it comes to dogs. Like how to socialize a puppy.  How to live happily with two or more dogs.

How to create a silent partnership so that we learn from each other.  How to Be The Leader and sometimes, How to Let Myself Be Led.

My life got very interesting when I decided to look at where these three things might come together.  The writing with the reading with what I know about dogs.

The challenge I gave myself was to see if I could work with these three things to create Something From Nothing. To boldly go where others are … and to make my voice be heard.

My first creating Something From Nothing was this blog.  Could it become a voice in the vast reaches of the internet?  Seems a bit of a lofty goal.  But. I was game.

So,  on a daily basis, could THIS  become the place where I would sit down with myself and write?

And, from that writing, would other people find me online? If all that I did was to keep showing up, would they?

So, I wrote.  And they did.

I’m still showing up and I’m still writing.  And, more of you are here. Which might mean that I’ve successfully moved over from that place of Starting With Nothing to Having Something that resonates with an audience larger than just me.

It’s a good place to be.   [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]







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