My Muse Wags Its Tail.

Today I celebrate my muse.  The constant source of endless fascination that is always underfoot or somewhere out on the horizon calling to me; my muse wags its tail.

A siren song of “Look at me! Aren’t I cute?”

My muse wags its tail.

“No. Don’t look at her! Look at me – I’m better than cute. I’m majestic in bearing and I have secrets to tell you.”

"three bassett hounds"“Look at us! We are cute and majestic, an endless source of amusement for our owners. We are Basset Hounds – a pack of three with noses On the ground with tails up; snuffling as we  take out daily walk through the village.”

My muse wags its tail.

“Look at me! I’m a pint-size package of cuteness and I guarantee that on the day when you are feeling SO sad, I can make you smile just because I’m sitting here, in front of you, with my head tipped to one side and my one ear at half-mast.”

“Look at me! I was written into a story that won first place in a fiction contest.  And, my story will touch your heart and echo in your brain on the days when you are coming up short for inspiration.”

“Look at us on the other side of these kennel runs.  We’re the dogs that lost homes, wandered off because someone left a gate open, got replaced by a human baby; became too much to handle or were taken out of a bad place.  We have stories too.”

“Look at us. We are the Lake Dogs that stretch out a summer’s day into games of water tag and swimming; chasing sticks or rolling in smelly, yucky dead things near the water’s edge.”

“Look at us. We’re the dogs that belong to the women who grieve for husbands who died suddenly and left them behind to finish the job of raising children and maintaining homes.”

‘Look over here. We’re the dogs that wait for the end of the day when the yellow school buses bring our small humans back to us.”

“Remember to look over here – in your heart. We’re the dogs that grew up with you, started out life with you when you moved out on your own; lived with you before kids, before that big move out to the suburbs.”

My muse wags its tail and is the stuff that dreams are made of.








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