Adopt-A-Pet Knocks On My Door

I was minding my own business one morning in late November, nursing a second cup of coffee, scrolling through emails and generally checking in with the online world when I noticed the subject line of one particular email.

“Partnership Opportunity.”

One eyebrow raised itself as I thought about what this might mean.  And, then I opened the email.

There, in every day language, without any hype or brash claims, was a lovely written invitation from a woman who identified herself as the Director of Partnerships and Promotions for a web service called Adopt-a-Pet.

She wrote that this web service is the largest nonprofit pet-adoption service of its kind in North America.  That it’s sponsored by Purina and Bayer, has over 11,000 animal shelters and rescue groups that use its free service AND that more than 1.7 million unique visitors visit its web site every month.

She and the other folks at Adopt-aPet liked my blog and wanted to know if I’d be interested in some kind of cross promotional opportunity.  On their end,  she would write an article for one of their up-coming volunteer newsletters about the need for foster homes in the world of animal rescue.

And drive their traffic to my blog and to one of the posts that I wrote about a woman who fosters puppies.

Would I consider adding one of Adopt-a-Pets’ widgets to my sidebar encouraging my readers to adopt?

We emailed back and forth about this and set up a teleconference call so that we could have a “live conversation.”  To work out the details.

And then it was December with Christmas on the horizon and things got pretty quiet. There were a few more back-and-forth emails before the last exchange:

Me:     “So, were you able to keep your deadline about the proposed article?’

Adopt-a-Pet:   “Yep.  It was posted!”

What’s so fabulous about this type of recognition is that Healing Rescue Dogs isn’t the only beneficiary of this promotional opportunity.  My friend Maria,  over at The Wag Tales , gets some unexpected visibility too.

As does the topic of fostering.  Which may encourage Someone Out There to think about fostering for a local rescue group.

Which would help take the strain of That Undertaking off of just one rescue group.  Which won’t solve World Peace. But which will make one small corner of the world a better place.

Which is a good thing.

Just ask Maria and the folks over at Adopt-a-Pet.    [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]




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