Fido’s Canine Boutique. Over-The-Moon-Happiness.

See the bright blue house with the white shutters and the red brick sidewalk. And, the VERY cute, tiny yellow dog house off to the side.  Do you think that this might be a place where dogs are celebrated and loved?

Where dogs get bathed and trimmed … and they like it?

And where there might be a sense of fun and whimsey?  I am SUCH a sucker for those things.   If I can have the complete package of dog-love,  exceptional services, a knowledgeable, happy staff and organic product choices … ?

Then I am over-the-moon with happiness. Better yet, my dogs are happy.  Which is as it should be because THIS place is all about that.

Welcome to Fido’s Canine Boutique,  located in the heart of the village of Pittsford, New York.

In the past 4-6 months, I have been on the hunt for a dog grooming shop that was less than a ten minute drive from my house.  I wanted a stress-free environment for my dogs. That was the most important goal.

I also wanted someplace nearby.  And, if I could support another local, small business owner too?  Icing on the cake.

After driving by Fidos’s a ga-zillion times on my way to Other Places, I finally decided to check this place out.  So, I stopped in (without dogs) and asked what their policy was for trimming dog’s nails.

Did I need an appointment?  How much did they charge for the service?

“You don’t necessarily need an appointment for one dog.  We can usually accommodate you around what our groomers are doing.  And, it’s $10.00 per dog for a nail trim.”

Not too long after that, I brought Tessa over.  And, she had an over-the-moon, happy experience getting her nails trimmed.

I got to park behind Fido’s in their over-sized parking lot.  This is a HUGE big deal in a village where finding a place to park near to where you want to be can be like searching for the Holy Grail.  On some days.

For our second visit,  I stopped in again (without dogs) and actually made an appointment because the plan was to bring all three dogs in.  Two dogs too many for a spur of the moment drop in – especially when one of those dogs is my husband’s Great Dane.

Would he even fit into the cozy, cottage-like interior?

Trust me when I tell you that Fido’s was quite busy when we walked Jasper inside.  There were dogs and their humans milling about.  Peter, the owner, was directing the flow of whose dog was here to see the groomer, who was picking out dog food and a new collar, and who needed to schedule their next appointment.

He was clearly a happy man in his element and so kind and aware of the dogs in his shop. And, that makes all the difference in the world.  [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]








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