Treat Me Kind. Dog Happiness.

Once upon a time, there was a man named Peter who had a dog named Fido.  Peter had An Idea that maybe – just maybe – he could develop a business that was all about making Fido and other dogs happy.

And that’s how Fido’s Canine Boutique – Fido’s Salon And Spa came to be.

This is a serious business where Peter has just two rules for his staff.   No sudden,  jerky, threatening movements around dogs.  Ever.

And, be kind.

Peter said:  “I tell my groomers that if they correct a dog, they MUST follow up with TWO praises.”

This is a guy who “got it” when I said that my Tessa is still not sure about being around men.  He knew how to ever so s-l-o-w-l-y  gentle himself down to her level with a very savory treat in his hand.

And, this is a guy who likes to offer Things That You Can Only Get at Fido’s:  like a line of private label dog care products  or a dog collar that is “made by Fido’s.”

Peter said:  “We love dogs.”

A lot of people SAY they love dogs. And, they probably do.

It’s another thing entirely to love dogs and to build your business around a few key principles that cater to a dog’s happiness.

To understand how to move so that a dog doesn’t feel intimidated.

To create a space that is calm and welcoming All The Time.  So that, for dogs,  just walking in the door is a fun experience.

To do all of THAT is something that Needs To Be Celebrated.  Every day.  And, soon,  very soon,  it can be celebrated in an even bigger way  because Fido’s is moving two doors down.

It’s going to be Like Nothing Your Dog Has Ever Experienced Before.  We know because Peter took us over and gave us a tour.  It’s not quite ready for the rest of you.  But. Stay tuned.  It’s going to be more than amazing.

PS  This is the second of two “raving fan” posts about a great shop for dogs.  Which means that it comes with love and no expectation of financial reimbursement from anyone.

I was happy to write them – because I can.



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