Twilight On The Lake. Come. Sit. Dream.

Lake twilight.  A deserted shoreline except for Crayola-colored, plastic Adirondack chairs lined up facing the water.  Come settle the lake dogs and sit for a spell.

Call the meeting to order. What is it you want to say?

She said:   I like it here.

He said:     Me too.

She said:   It’s pretty quiet.

He said:    Where are the dogs?

She said:   Inside. For once.

He said:     I miss them.

She said:   Me too.

He said:     It was a good day. Today.

She said:    Yes, it was.

He said:      Did you write?

She said:     Some.

He said:      Anything good?

She said:    I think so.

He said:     Time will tell.

She said:   Yes. It will.    [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]



    • htkhp says

      Thank you! I’m not sure when you started reading my posts, but I’ve got a few more that are like this. Look for the post titled “Talking Heads” (think I wrote it in Nov?) and see what you think of that one.

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