Black Great Danes Are Gentle On My Mind.

My husband has been having an affair with Jasper, this BIG, black dog for nine years.  Probably for longer than that.  He fell in love with Great Danes before we got married when I introduced him to one of my friends who had a 12 year old Harlequin Great Dane.  Flicka.

She was a HUGE dog with a pleasing outlook on life.  Flicka didn’t get out much until my soon-to-be husband and I started to take her on long rambles.

Like some Great Danes will do,  she thought she was a lap dog.  And, she was very insistent about how this was supposed to be.  Not that she said much about it.  She was quite adept at using her body to speak for her.

One of the things that Great Danes do best is to use their bodies to let you know what’s on their minds; they’re not terribly vocal. Once you start to pay attention, you can have endless conversations with them.

They don’t waste their time in idle chatter.  They’re not like terriers who always have something to say about everything. Danes are more inclined to stand back and assess the situation.

Our first Great Dane was like that.  Deliberate in his actions. Reserved in his manner.  If he thought you were a pompous ass, he kept that thought to himself.  In fact, he probably didn’t even give that kind of behavior any thought at all.

Uncharitable thoughts went against his calm demeanor.  As they do with Jasper.

Hold a grudge? Never.

Have an opinion? Undoubtedly.

Arrive early so you won’t be late?   Never hurry and never w-o-r-r-y. We could all learn from this.










    • htkhp says

      Me too. When i watch Jasper – who tips the scales at 160 pounds – handle himself around puppies – I want to bottle that “thing’ that he’s got and offer it up to the world.


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