Two Dogs Talking.

The new one said:             Hm. What’s this?

Said the Whippet Diva:    Humans call it a treat.

The new one said:             Wow!  It’s for me?

Said the Whippet Diva:     This time.

The new one said:               You mean there might be more?

Said the Whippet Diva:     Yes.

The younger one said:       How do you know that?

Said the Whippet Diva:     I’ve lived here a long time.

The new one said:              What’s “a long time?”

Said the Whippet Diva:     Humans call that forever.

The new one said:              And, that’s something good too?

Said the Whippet Diva:     That’s as good as it gets.   [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]


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