Yorkshire Terriers May Hold the Key to Your Success

This little guy is a Yorkshire Terrier.  As charming as he is to look at, he’s got something even better than Good Looks.  He’s got spunk. Otherwise known as Attitude.  Which is the key to his success — given that he’s a tiny dog.

After all, who would want to look at him, much less take  him home if all he had to show for himself was his very small size? It’s how he thinks of  himself that will get him noticed.

That adds the sparkle in his eye and puts the prance in his tiny, tiny feet as he steps out into the world.

The thing about terrier breeds is that they Never Give Up.  If they can’t get it one way, they will dig deeper until they figure it out.

Jack Russell Terriers are like that.  They will NOT be denied and will be In Your Face until they get it done!

It’s a trait I’ve often admired. That never-give-up-the-ship, ahoy-mateys-let’s-full-steam-ahead-go-for-the-gusto!  So to speak.

Combined with that insufferable amazingly happy outlook on life.

And so, if you’ve reached a place in your life where you’re finding it hard to get out of bed, write that report, tackle that home improvement project, ask for a raise, ask her/him to marry you, plan that family reunion, quit your job, write that book, take a risk or a leap of faith …

Be like those terriers and Dig (DIG!) for success!  [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]






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