One Dog Resting At My Feet.

Woke up to blue skies and Monday sunshine. Dogs out, coffee on.

Back upstairs with one dog resting at my feet.

Warm toes. Dog snores.

I sift through paper clutter looking for stories to tell.

Stories that will pull you in, change your mind, send you in a new direction.

Make you think. Catch your breath or take your breath away.

Don’t make it complicated.

Or look too far ahead.

Sometimes what’s real is that one simple thing:  one dog sleeping with her head

At your feet.   [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]


  1. Polly says

    Funny that you should write this – spent a good bit of yesterday, after a cold but brisk walk with the dogs in the biting wind, with dogs at my side (though not on my feet, as I was in my windowseat, where they are not permitted) and cats in lap – such a companionable state of being and of mind.

    • htkhp says

      I spend almost every week day in front of my computer screen with one of my dog’s heads resting on my foot. You’re exactly right: it’s “such a companionable state …of being and of mind.”

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