What If There Were No Dogs?

There would still be places (like this) that would make me happy beyond measure.

I would still read.  If you have to have an addiction, try this one.

At least seven years of my life would have to be completely rewritten.  Maybe more. Definitely more.

My yard might not be fenced.

All of my shoes would still be in pairs.

There would be no dog shows; no agility events to attend.

I wouldn’t linger in front of the magazine rack looking for dog magazines.

There would be no Lassie.

I would not be fluent in dogspeak.

My neighbors would not be stupid dog owners.

I’d have to do something else with my hands (like put them in my pockets) when I went out walking in the neighborhood.

I’d have more space in my kitchen.

There would be no nose prints on one of the windows in my sun room.

I wouldn’t have the world’s best dog leash collection.

There might be a lot LESS for animal rescue groups to do.

I would not be an expert on different styles of crates, or different kinds of dog food.

I might be driving a sweet little Miata sports car instead of a Volvo wagon.

I would still be happy.

But. Life would be different.

And, I don’t think I’d like that. [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]

PS  Photo credit: A.B. Porter (my husband). Location: the City Pier, Canandaigua, NY – boathouses










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