Kids Writing About Their Pets – 2nd Place Winner

Kids like to write about their pets – which is why HRD asked the Fairport Public Library if they would like to help out with a writing contest that we called: Fairport Literally Goes To The Dogs.

We wanted to find out what kids had to say about their experiences with adopting a dog (or cat) from an area animal shelter or local adoption group.

Here’s our second place winner, Becky Park and Buckley.  Three years ago, Becky and her family went to Lollypop Farm because they wanted to find a dog. And, they found Buckley.

Buckley’s a beagle-mixed breed.  He’s very serious about his dog treats … as you can see.

What we noticed when we read Becky’s story is that she didn’t just write about her dog. She wrote about how she wanted to help all of the dogs at Lollypop Farm, which is one of the reasons she became our Second Place Winner.

Maybe Becky’s story will inspire other kids and their families to go on their own search to find a pet at Lollypop Farm or one of the other local animal adoption groups.

Here’s the beginning of Becky’s story:

Hi my name is Rebecca Park and I am here to talk about the dogs who need a home and help.
I actually got my dog from Lollypop Farm, but when I got there, you could see many dogs that have been abandoned or had diseases or needed help it its body. My wish is to help every dog or animal and stop animal abuse.

When the day animal abuse stops, I promise that I will thank everyone who helped to make my dream come true.

And, here is the rest of the story.    [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]



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