Celebrating Alice in Wonderland at the Green Lantern Inn

This is an un-birthday cake that has very little to do with dogs and a lot to do with a culinary salute to Lewis Carroll’s  Alice in Wonderland.

It’s a not-what-you-expected example of one of the unspoken things I blog about: having a passion and a creativity that is so strong, nothing less than bringing it to the rest of the world will do.

Which is a part of what this cake represents.

Isn’t it an amazing confectionery masterpiece?

It was created to be the explanation point to a dinner for about 75 food enthusiasts and book lovers gathered at the Green Lantern Inn, in the village of Fairport.

We came together to enjoy each other’s company and to support the Fairport Public Library.

Truth be told, the draw for the evening would come from the kitchen and the genius of a guy named Matt Laurence — a man who surely knows how to cook.

Matt’s the chef who with his wife Stephanie and their adorable children, moved back to Fairport after Matt established himself as a professional chef.

They bought the Green Lantern Inn, rolled up their sleeves and determined to carve out their niche as one of the finest restaurants in the area.

Food, glorious food! Everything starts with the glimmer of an idea sparked by what Matt knows.  And, those of us who show up to eat lunches and dinners at The Cellar Door are the happy recipients of his passionate creativity for food.

On THIS particular night, Matt dreamed up a meal to compliment Alice in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll. Because Stephanie, his wife, thought that offering up literary-themed dinners to the community would be a great way to raise money to support the library.

Which some of us thought was a really great idea. And, so we partnered with Matt and Stephanie to create a series of four dinners.

Which is not the point of this post.

The point is my unabashed praise for a guy who was courageous enough to follow the dictates of his heart and by doing so has one of the BEST kitchens on the face of the planet.


And to acknowledge the support of his family who got behind him when he decided to come back home to build a life for himself, his wife and his kids.

In all fairness, Matt didn’t actually make the cake – that honor goes to Holy Cannoli – a sweet shoppe in Fairport.  Which just goes to show that the heart and soul of any great undertaking is knowing how to play to your strengths while partnering with people who compliment that.














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