Three Whippet Heads Are Better Than One.

Ashley said:     Give it up, girl. I’m the prettiest!

Dolly said:        You are SO pathetic.  I am.

Emma said:     Ladies, ladies. Behave so the nice man can take our picture.

Dolly said:       Do you think he knows what he’s doing?

Emma said:    Well, he managed to get us all posing, didn’t he?

Ashley said:    You’ll do anything for a treat!

Emma said:    Not.  Anything.

Ashley said:    Really? I’m not so sure I believe you.  Remember the time ….

Emma said:    Shh! That was supposed to be a secret.

Dolly said:       What?

Emma said:     Never mind, little one. Smile for the camera.

Dolly said:        You never tell me anything!

Ashley said:     Now, why do you think that is?

Emma said:     Ladies, ladies! If you DON’T stop chattering, we’ll be here all day!

Dolly said:        You are SO trying to change the subject.

Ashley said:     Ha! Maybe she’s not as dumb as we thought.

Emma said:     Let’s have that be our secret too.

Ashley said:      Hm.

Dolly said:         What?  What?

Emma said:      Never mind, baby girl. Just smile…




  1. Connie Faldzinski says

    I do believe these 3 have conversations. Sometimes I think they plan how to trick us into doing what they want. They do compete with each other for space on the couch or the place in the bed, and I am sure there is a conversation going on about one of them moving. Being girls, the chattering probably goes on alot !!!!! Especially about what collars I put on them, what jammies each is wearing, and what colors I picked out for each. Gotta love the ” girls ” they have ATTITUDE !!!!

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