Dear Tessa, There’s Been a Change in Plans

Dear Tessa,

There’s been a change in plans today. I was going to get you out for another long romp. But. The weather is doing funky things: a minute ago, it was sleeting and now it’s mixed up with snow. You HATE the cold and the yuck and although you’d start out with the best of intentions, you’d be eye balling the back door with a fierce concentration.

That’s even assuming you agreed to poke your nose outside in the first place.

And, so I’m sitting here, watching you curled into yourself on your dog bed, completely oblivious to my shattered plans.  If the weather improves in the next couple of hours, we could still pull it off.

Never mind that with each passing minute my resolve is weakening.

You’ve been getting some attention from a few of your fans. Mostly because my son and I are still playing that game of  “What do you think Tessa is?”  I got some interesting feedback from a woman who breeds Italian Greyhounds. She looked at photos of you, declared that you “are adorable!” and then weighed in:

“…if I had to guess, I’d think probably Min Pin x Beagle – the amount of bone (substance) in her legs is very untypical of any sighthounds and would be virtually impossible to get out of a sighthound. Definitely a “scent hound” quality.  If she were Min Pin x Beagle then the ears would be possible (as min pins have naturally erect ears even when they aren’t cropped.) The color however would be a bit unusual for a min pin, so that would be the only thing that might make me question if there could be IG behind her, but I am not sure I think she would be half IG (maybe a parent was an IG mix, and the other parent was a Beagle or other small scenthound?) This would also explain her great ‘nose.’  She really is a cutie though!”

Ah, the kindness graciousness of strangers! She didn’t see evidence of Pharaoh Hound and given the fact that she had three of your photos to look at plus her years of breeding experience with IG’s and a familiarity with sighthounds in general, it’s pretty safe to assume that she knew what she was talking about.

In the larger scope of What’s Going On In The World, figuring out your DNA has to be one of the more frivolous activities on the face of the planet. No doubt about it, the world’s a pretty scary place these days what with kids getting shot by kids in school buildings, the madness taking place in Syria and the utter political nonsense rolling along in this country.

It’s enough to make any smart and not-so-smart dogs run for the hills. And there are days when I’d like to be right behind them.

The funny thing is that on THOSE days when Things Look Particularly Bleak, something happens that turns this around for me.  I’ll get a phone call from a friend I haven’t heard from in a while, or my niece will text/call me.  I’ll get an email from a complete stranger who likes my blog. My son will come and find me to give me a hug.

My husband might come home with flowers.

Or, hokey as it sounds,  I’ll do an act of kindness for someone I know.

It’s the slow accumulation of all of these small acts that create those larger circles that hold us, each in our own unique space. Some of that space is serious and some of it’s silly.

Silly as in “What do you think Tessa is?”

And, I promise you, there is space enough for all.  [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]







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