Lunch At The Cellar Door.

I left the dogs at home yesterday and had lunch at The Cellar Door with two good friends of mine who just happen to publish Rochester Woman Magazine.   I’ve known Kelly for years – watched her start with the germ of an idea and grow it into three businesses – all while solo-parenting two kids and juggling all of the flotsam that attaches to a struggling economy; making everything work.

She’s a modern day Amazon goddess. She NEVER gives up.

Kelly’s business partner, Barb, is the other half of this equation. She’s quick to seize a good idea and run with it. If that idea doesn’t pan out, she’s even faster at coming up with something of equal or better value for their readers.

Together, they like to tell other people’s stories.  Which is what they do in their magazine.

And, what they’ll be doing in future issues of Rochester Woman is telling some of the stories that unfold in the village of Fairport – stories of talented and determined individuals, each with their area of expertise, all coming together to support each other.

Which is what everything always comes down to:  stories.  Who we are, what we value and what we do to honor all of that.

Yesterday, watching these two women listen to the owners of The Cellar Door tell their story,  I found my own determination to keep tellling MY story settle more firmly in my heart.

There is ALWAYS a way to make something happen if you have the balls guts to stick out the hard times.  Take an enterprising and creative chef reaching out to a local pasta maker and the end result is a lunch or a dinner that feeds a village and supports two businesses.

Take two women who understand the value of telling that story and their business prospers in a city that needs to hear stories like this one.

Because we are all in this together. What binds us are stories. Stories that can inspire, stories that can make us think, and stories that entertain.






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