Waiting To Take The Long Shot.

This is what it’s like to wait.  The long shot taken with my new camera.  Me out of site, nervously angling for a shot that I pray to God will be in focus and that will catch THIS pose before Tessa moves. You can tell by the way her ears are pricked forward that whatever it is that has caught her attention isn’t a strong  incentive to cause her to dash madly downstairs … yet.

Out of all of the dogs we’ve had over the years, only three of them have claimed this spot at the top of the stairs.  All of them have taken up this same pose. They settle into a down with their noses between their front paws. Their toe nails lined up right to the edge of that first step.

With the other two, much bigger dogs, it was pretty easy to figure out why they chose this spot. It was the last line of defense against intruders if I was alone in the house.

Eventually, when it became apparent that there would be no home invaders on THAT day, whatever that day was, the dog of the hour would close its eyes and sleep.  Always in that spot at the top of the stairs.

Tessa has yet to fall asleep here. She’s Ever Vigilant and I suspect that will be something about her that will never change.

The very first time that Tessa settled herself into this spot, I swear I felt the spirits of the dogs who came before her sigh with invisible contentment, acknowledging that the baton had been passed on to yet one more determined guardian … all 18 pounds of her.  [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]


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