Facebook Rescues Two Labrador Retrievers

Bode said:     Don’t move an inch, bud.  He’s got that camera out again.

Hurley said: He’s not smiling at us. I don’t think he’s happy about taking our picture.

Bode said:     No. He’s not happy. But, it’s easy enough for us to please him. Don’t move a muscle.  Bet he takes us out for a romp when he’s done with this.

Hurley said:   I hope so. I miss doing things with him.

Bode said:       Me too.

Meet Bode and Hurley, two 7 year old Labrador Retrievers who live in one of the New England states.  This photo of them was shared all over Facebook last night. Did you see it?

Their lives are about to change forever because their human has found out that he’s allergic to dogs. Which he explained in a Facebook letter to all of his friends. Which got liked and shared by a TON of people, including one of my friends who shared it with all of HER friends.

Including me.

And, I shared it with my Facebook following, one of whom lives in Texas and Facebook-asked me where these dogs lived. All in the click of a mouse, which takes hardly any time at all and can be all over the cyberspace community of dog lovers almost instantly.

Rather than bundle his dogs up to be dropped off at the local animal shelter, this man chose another way. He asked his friends for help. Here’s what he had to say:


As some of you know, and others will be surprised to learn, I have recently developed an allergy to dogs. As a dog lover all my life, and someone who has had dogs in his home for over twenty years, this is shocking and upsetting news to me and my family.

Since late August of 2010, I have had a cough and related breathing difficulties. Some days I felt fine, others I felt extremely sick. After several visits to three different doctors, I finally learned in early January that I had become allergic to dogs. It was living with Bode and Hurley that was causing my asthmatic symptoms. There are no clear reasons why this allergy has come to me at this moment in my life.

I have tried various medical treatments, and it is now evident that the only long term solution is to find a new home for our beloved Labradors. They understand that something is amiss because their alpha dog has not touched them much, and they are no longer allowed in my office and bedroom. Believe me, this decision is not an easy one, but my endurance at various physical endeavors has greatly deteriorated, and lasting damage to my lungs may have already taken place.

So I am writing to ask if you, or anyone you know, would be interested in welcoming two of the finest ball retrievers, on land or in water, into their homes. Ideally, Bode and Hurley would be able to stay together, but I realize this may not be possible.

Both are about 7 years old. We’ve had Bode since he was a puppy, and Hurley was rescued from a shelter in West Virginia. I am biased, but they are exceptional dogs: loving, gentle and great companions. They love the outdoors in any weather, and they love lying around. They love the water. They seek out tall grass or bushes to relieve themselves, and never use the lawn. They love a walk in the woods, a climb up a mountain, and a ride in a car.

Both dogs enjoy excellent health, other than some arthritis in Hurley’s left knee.

I wish there was a different solution to improving my health. The sadness my situation has caused the rest of my family lies heavy upon me. Bode and Hurley will also be hurt, though I know that, with the right new home, they will find a new path to happiness and love.


I swear that in the time it took me to share this on my Facebook wall and reply to my friend’s question, the story had already moved to its next phase:  narrowing down the responses from people who wanted to take Bode and Hurley into their lives.

The message I read and re-posted on my Facebook wall was that the immediate response to this letter had been so massive, that there were 2-3 families already under consideration as possible second homes for both dogs.

The back story, all of the emotional trauma leading up to the writing of this letter, is one that I’ve deliberately chosen to stay away from. It’s easy enough to imagine it, in much the same way that I imagined what Bode and Hurley might say if they could talk.

The story that pulled at my heart was the Power of Resiliency to rise above even the most unimaginable circumstances.

You might argue that in the larger scheme of things: devastating tornadoes, terrorist bombings, death, destruction, famine …. These are the “unimaginable things”  hammering at us every day for solutions. They can seem like insurmountable mountains even on the brightest day.

And, they should be the things we work hard at to fix.

Sometimes, the smaller conflicts that happen to individuals can seem just as intimidating as what gets acted out on the world stage.  And, they are the ones that we can help to fix with the click of a mouse and kind hearts.

Maybe these smaller acts of kindness are merely practice for the Bigger Issues out there. Imagine. What if helping Bode and Hurley really has brought all of us closer to world peace?  [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]





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