Remember Mia, My Canine House Guest?

Remember Mia, my “canine house guest” last August? Back then, she was three months old and it was hard to know which of her DNA split she was going to take after: the Cavalier King Charles half or the Bichon Frise half.  Otherwise known as a “Cava-chon.”

She stayed with us for 12 days and despite her small size, she learned to play with the Big Dog our Great Dane, Jasper.

Look at Mia now! She’s turned into quite the young lady.  According to Carol, Mia’s  human guardian,  Mia’s a dog with Strong Opinions About Some Things.

Is that the Cavalier King Charles or the Bichon Frise part?

There is another part of Mia that took Carol by surprise. And, Carol, who’s a talented writer, decided to write about that.  I thought you’d enjoy reading about Mia one more time, now that she’s older and wiser still making her opinions known as charmingly as she did when she was my canine house guest.


Savoring Life Through Canine Moments – by Carol White Llewellyn

This morning I was walking our dog, Mia (a little beige and tan cava chon) when a door slammed somewhere.  Mia’s head flew up from its grass-sniffing position and all her attention was focused on the sound.  I had heard the sound, but only registered it after she reacted.

It made me think of a friend named James and a book he recommended to me, The Power of Now, which I am reading. It’s one of those books where you read a few pages, then set it down to ponder the message, so I’m not far into it yet.

James used the principles in the book to transform his life, overcoming a very bad situation where he’d lost everything including wife, house, car and freedom.  As a result of his experience, he has become a motivational speaker.

He also produces a cable show called It’s a New Day, focused on people who have overcome adversity to transform their lives. The program is shown on RCTV-15, where I am part of a producers’ co-op, which is how I first met him.

The Power of Now discusses  the importance of living in the present and relishing the moment. Initially published in 1997, the book began life as “an underground bestseller” and eventually hit #1 on the New York Times bestseller list.

Author Eckhart Tolle, who arrived at the concepts in his book through a transformational experience, discusses how thoughts of the past and worries about the future occupy and enslave us, preventing us from really enjoying life.

Until I began the book, I never realized how little I’m actually “present” in the present to relish it wholly.

While memories from the past sometimes warm me, the times I am haunted by regrets and plagued by “if onlys” outnumber the positive.  And although thoughts of the future are certainly rich with hopes and dreams, the corners of my mind filled with fear and worry threaten to blot out aspiration.

So, this morning I took inspiration from Mia, who lives for the moment. She turns her nose to the breeze to capture each scent, her eyes are riveted on the landscape in search of squirrels, and her ears are ever alert for sound cues. She lives for a belly rub, a meal laced with meat, or a trip to the dog park.

Although it’s not always possible to turn off our thinking brains – not that we would want to all the time – it’s nice to capture a canine moment and just be, to let our senses savor life.

P.S. When I think about the many times I’ve walked Mia and never truly recognized her zest for life, I realize the book is starting to do its job!


In addition to working for RCTV-15, Carol blogs at FingerLakesTravelMaven;  you can also find her blogging at Out on a Limb.

Some housekeeping: I am an Amazon affiliate.  When you click here or on the blue book title, in the post,  you’ll be taken to the page on Amazon’s online store where you can buy The Power of Now, by Eckhart Tolle … if you’d like to do that.  And, I will receive a small commission from Amazon.

Might be enough money to buy Mia a new collar. For which Mia (and Carol) thank you.  [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]






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