Kids And Their Pets: Writing Contest Winner

Just when you’d forgotten about the writing contest for kids and their pets that HRD co-sponsored with the Fairport Public library, it’s time to post the story for our 3rd place winner!

Before we do that, meet Amy Frankovich Miss Frankovich is a third grader at St Louis School. She loves to read and play the cello in her spare time.  Although, she’s never owned a pet, she’s a great story teller and, as you’re about to find out, she wrote a spine tingling story about a cat.

Julie My Cat Rescue Pet

It all began on a warm and humid summer night. I was asleep in bed, dreaming of becoming a Hollywood rockstar. I did not know much about disasters because my family and I lived in a quiet little town by a small stream.  

Suddenly, my cat came into my bedroom and pounced on me. Her name was Julie. Julie had fear in the back of her eyes, telling me something was wrong. I started to pick her up and stroke her, but she wouldn’t let me. Julie’s eyes darted to the wall next to me. When I saw, I screamed, “Ahh! Fire!”  Read the rest of the story…



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