Heeling With Your Dog is a Beautiful Thing.

Here we are: Tessa and me.  Both of us heeling nicely. Her ears are up in radar mode and her eyes are fixed on Something In The Distance.

No doubt, her nose is working overtime.

She is ever vigilant.

Some dogs are like that.

For many reasons.

Which we won’t get into here.

Not in this post.

That might come later.

When I’m (once more) climbing into her head to figure out Why She Does Things.

So that I can work with her to dial down her reactions.

But, not now.

For the moment, it’s enough to see the two of us stepping out.

Side by side.

She’s looking sleek and my hair looks pretty darn good.

Except for that tuft sticking out off to the side.

You can’t see it?

Never mind then.

What was I thinking calling it to your attention?

Women will do that.

Struggle with that image-thing when it comes to how we think we look.

Ever notice how some of us can’t accept a compliment?

Watch what happens the next time you tell one of your girlfriends that she looks radiant.

Or you compliment her on how put-together she looks when you unexpectedly run into her.

She won’t know how to relax and accept the compliment.

She’ll say something pitiful about herself. Because in her heart, she doesn’t believe you.

That’s a sad thing that we need to Stop Doing to Ourselves.

Because there are no ugly women.

Remember that.

Especially if you’re having a not-so-good day.

Take yourself and your dog out for a walk.

And practice walking side by side.

Climb into your dog’s head and figure out why she/he reacts to things.

Breathe deeply and fix your eyes on Something In The Distance.

And just get yourself from Where You Are to Over There.

Some days it’s the small victories that make all the difference.

Remember that too.  [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]









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