Attend a No Kill Conference in April of 2012

Here’s a short (but sweet) blog post about a No Kill Conference coming up in April of 2012.

Imagine that.

Some of you who read my earlier blog post about Baxter, a young lab that was pulled from a kill shelter in rural Texas, might want to check your calendars.

It’s a two day event that takes place on April 11 and 12 in Washington, DC.  You can read about it in detail and find out how to register for it on this web site.

Not surprisingly, it’s called the No Kill Conference.

What it offers is the possibility of a structure and support system to eliminate what seems to be an insurmountable a scary statistic.

That statistic got worked into Baxter’s blog post so that I could make a point. My point was that despite the fact that Baxter presented as a “perfect dog” for adoption, he was on the kill list at an animal shelter.


Here’s that statistic one more time. Slightly re-phrased. Just in case you haven’t read that blog post (yet).

“Of the 4 to 5 million animals that are killed in animal shelters in this country every year, 90 percent of them are savable.” 

That quote is paraphrased from the original you can find in a book written by Nathan Winograd called, Redemption – The Myth Of Pet Overpopulation And The No Kill Revolution in America.

Winograd’s web site is meaty stuff and will be a good starting point if the concept of no kill shelters is new to you.  And, you can even order his book … if you like.

Back to the conference info.

If you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and be a part of a coherent cohesive, nationwide solution to the horrific animal killings that take place every day, in shelters all across this country, think about attending this up-coming conference.

And, remember one thing. If we are to move 90 percent of the savable animals out of shelters and into pet homes, a LOT of us, all across the country,  have to buy into the program.

A small housekeeping point:  no  money exchanged hands in the writing of this post. In fact, the people putting on this conference have NO idea who I am.

I decided to promote it because 1) it seems like a worthwhile conference and 2) it gives you Something To Do if my blog post about Baxter got you all fired up but feeling like you need some direction.

And, 3) because I can.



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    I’m so grateful for the no-kill shelters that have been started, but I know there aren’t nearly enough. We have one in our small town but I know it has had all kinds of stumbling blocks, due to personalities and politics and problems with funding. I hope the book you mentioned and the conference not only keep the ball rolling but help it get bigger and stronger!

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