Remembering A Cookbook, A Border Collie-Mutt And My Mom

Once upon a true time, my mom had this cookbook.  How she came to own it is buried in the past. And, also not that important to what I’m going to tell you.

It looks a bit lonesome, over there, without any kind of graphic adornment to spiff it up.

But, that’s okay. The story behind this cookbook will more than make up for all of the white space.

So, if you remember, my mom was a dog lover from way Back In The Day. Before she was a wife. Before she was a mom.  Back in the day when she was a Babe.

Trust me on this. My mom was a Babe.   I’ll bet that she caused heads to turn when she walked down the street. You can do that when you’re five foot/eleven inches tall and you’ve got red hair.

And she was all of that.

She was a dog lover all of her life. Much to the dismay of my dad, she always managed to have at least one when I was growing up.  When my dad retired from the military, which meant that we could stop moving around the country every 3-4 years, my mom began to add more dogs to the mix.

I never really knew where she found them. Those were the days when you could get a nicely tempered mutt by answering an ad in the newspaper and nobody thought that was a bad thing.

She must have answered an ad when she got the black and white dog that looked like a border collie.  And, she must have had the dog’s new name fixed pretty firmly in her mind because she didn’t ask any of her five kids us what we thought about that.

I can still remember what she said.

My mom:    Her name is Prudence – after the cookbook!

On the days when my mom was REALLY ticked off, it was “Prudence Penny.”  But those days were few and far between. My mom was more likely to get pissed off ticked off at one of her kids than she was going to get mad at any of her dogs.

Now that I’m a mom, I understand that.

Prudence was a joyous, kind-hearted dog. She had a boundless energy and lively curiosity about things; not too over the top though.  She could reign in her enthusiasm whenever circumstances called for it.

She was an easy pack dog, happy to follow the lead of the matriarch and happiest when she was barreling out the door leading out to the back yard. That one burst of speed calling up her border collie heritage. One of the traits she had that I loved was that, despite her sunny disposition, Prudence had strong opinions about some things.  More about that later.

It’s been years since I’ve thought about Prudence. And I didn’t actually think of her first … I thought about that cookbook. And then Prudence – the dog – crashed into my memory.

Now that you know the part of the story behind the cookbook, you’re ready to hear the next part.

I’ve been toying with the idea of adding a Stronger Voice to my blog. Not all the time because the novelty would wear off.  And, not another human voice because that would require I conduct a Search, and then hold Interviews.  All of which would take time.

And if I brought another human on board, that would alter my voice; change the personality of my blog.  So to speak.

As it took me a while to find MY voice, I’m not sure that I want to give that up. Ever.

But. The idea wasn’t going away. Sometimes, it would Keep Me Up At Night. Nudging at me.  Until, last night,  it got all mixed up with Prudence Penny’s Cookbook and my mom’s dog.  And, before I knew it: I had the whole idea!

What better place for an opinionated but endearingly sweet dog to hang her collar than as a Featured Guest Commentator in my newsletter? As I recall, Prudence was a great dog to confide in. She never made you feel stupid, she always had an answer and if she didn’t, that was her secret.

The only technical question I had to get around is the fact that Prudence – the dog not the cookbook – went to the other side of the rainbow died more than 30 years ago.

What’s an ethical blogger to do?

The only thing she I can do! Invite you to suspend your disbelief and join me in a creative journey.  If you can do that, I promise you won’t be disappointed.  The next part’s easy. Scroll up to the top of my blog and sign up for my newsletters …

If you haven’t already done that.

Leave everything else to me.  [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]






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