This Photograph is Mine!

I’m not sure that this photograph will win any awards. But that is SO not the point. It’s one that I took yesterday afternoon (which IS the point) before heading over  to the gym.  It’s mine. I claim it.

And, like a dog with a bone, I’m going to worry over it and celebrate it.  Because in addition to shooting it, I handled the rest of the technology to get it OUT of my camera into my computer and then into a file so that I could upload it here.

And I did all of THAT by myself.

These are the behind-the-scene blog challenges that you’ve been deliberately left in the dark about. Didn’t seem to be much point in confessing my lack of photography skills, let alone my almost inept technical skills.

Better to wow you with my writing.  And leave the photography to my husband.

I thought.

He’s not always around when a photograph needs to be taken. I’ve been practicing with my very own camera, not that too much of my early efforts have shown up here.

Until yesterday.  Finally, it was time.

The back story — the one that comes before I actually took this photo —  is one in which Tessa had a staring role.  She and I actually walked heeled across that bridge earlier in the day. When we got to the other side, we did some fast walking, more heeling and then a lot of sitting near some picnic tables so that she could chill out and watch things.

With 70 degree temperatures, she had a lot to watch. There were a few guys out on their lunch hours, a mom with her toddler little girl; a duck or two and a few people riding bicycles that zipped by.

She sat, tucked between my legs, and watched. Twitched her nose madly the entire time, but she refrained from growling and all other snarly, unattractive noises. I was quite proud of her.

After fifteen minutes of watching sitting, we retraced our steps, strolled back over the bridge, got back in the car and drove over to the other side of the village.  Where we did more of the same sort of thing.

Heeling, walking, checking out people, playing walk-around-trash cans and lamp posts before heading back to the car.

She was pooped and ready to snooze and I had a few things to get done around the house.  And, then it was time to head out again, this time by myself, as it will take me a long time before I can have both a dog on a leash and a camera at the same time.

It was later in the day so the light was different. I went back and walked the exact same route that I’d taken with Tessa earlier. This time, I could pay more attention to the scenery because, even though I told myself that I “was working,” THIS was a different kind of work than working with Tessa.

As my fingers fumbled around with the various buttons and knobs, I began to understand why some bloggers take up photography.  I’m a bit late to this party, and a long way from the creative part of it.

Hopefully, that will come later. Time to celebrate the small steps that got this photograph to this blog post.

Oh. Wait. Got a question …

How’s that “focus-thing” working for you?  [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]







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