Morning Coffee Without My Dogs.

This morning, I set up my office at a coffee shop in the village called the Towpath Cafe. As off site offices go, it’s pretty nice. The coffee mugs are the right size and that being said, the coffee alone is a strong lure to draw me OUT of my house and away my morning routine.

Which is greeting the dawn with my dogs, getting them fed, and then taking my even larger coffee cup back upstairs with me where I can ease into my own blog writing.

Back in the day I used to BE at morning networking meetings by 7AM. Which meant that I had to get OUT of bed before 5AM.  There was a time when I loved that.  Not so much anymore.

Before that “back in the day,” there was the “back in the day” when I taught English to high school kids. And WALKED INTO a school building at 6:30AM.

God, I loved that time in my life!

Bless “back in the day” bench marks so that we can see how far we’ve come from where we used to be.

Part of where I am now is creating a freelance content editor business with a little help from my friends.  The friends who are writing e-books and revamping web pages; trying to figure out how to write their About Me pages or wrap their brains around a succinct, compelling tag line.

They’re finding out that I’m pretty good at this stuff.  As I gleefully told my friend this morning,  “Writing and editing are orgasmic for me.”

Was that too much information for you?

She didn’t think so, although she was a bit taken aback. Before she tipped her head back and laughed with me.

She’s a client. Doesn’t that have a nice ring to it?

She’s also a gutsy friend of mine.  Gutsy because she’s transforming her own business by leaping into the boundless world of the internet:  rolling up 30 years of administrative/executive assistant experience into a virtual assistant business model.

You might want to check her out. Good VA’s are priceless.

I am SO proud of her that I brought her a present. That’s the small white box with the stylish teal-colored ribbon in the photograph.  Which I took myself.

I took a few more photographs of the coffee shop while I was waiting for my friend to arrive.  It was kind of fun to practice my focusing technique. More on that later.   [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]










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