Not Just a Needle in a Haystack Anymore

Imagine yourself to be a needle in a haystack.  So tiny that you are almost insignificant.  More than that, you are invisible.

Now, imagine a field of baled hay. Acres and acres of hay bales stretching out as far as the eye can see.   It would be pretty darn hard to find that one haystack with that needle you buried inside … but, you are still there.  Still invisible.

Wondering if anybody knows you’re there.

And, then, pulling your shoulders back and breathing deeply, you publish your very first blog post.

That was how I felt just ten months ago when I wrote the first blog post for HRD.  I knew that if I didn’t lose heart and kept on blogging, that eventually, Things Would Begin to Happen.

The key would be to keep at it. And, to stick to a few Principles.  Things that were/are important to me. And to mix things up occasionally. Funny, sad, bitter sweet, poignant …

Yep. Sometimes, I can be poignant. I did wonder if people would get that.

Have you ever noticed that everything always seems to happen when you’re minding your own business? 

Life is like that.  Do something long enough, and do it well, and you begin to Attract Attention.  The right kind of attention from quality folks.

How you can tell if a person of quality is attracted to you your blog is often found in the words they choose to attract YOUR attention. (Are they blowin’ smoke or are they serious?)

Trust me on this: you’ll be able to tell when it happens to you.

Last Friday, when it happened to me, I knew. When I opened the email and read it, and then read it one more time,  I grinned. Someone Out There got what I was doing and thought enough about what I do to ask me for my honest opinion.

About them.

Which I was pretty sure I’d be able to do.  So I wrote a quick, off-the-cuff email, hit reply and waited.

But not for long. The second email showed up really fast.

Between the two of us, we’d (separately) been able to figure out that we were/are both pretty smart, funny and have something to say.  In the third email I received in this e-exchange, there were a few attachments for me to use.  A few of them are pretty darn cute.

I know. I’m not a fan of cutesy dog stuff, but I’ll have to make an exception because in this particular instance, cute works!  Wait until you see how Cute wraps around a brand and creates a compelling marketing statement.

Can you tell from that last sentence that I do more than just blog?

So, on a final note, here’s a taste hint of Important Things to Come  in the next series of blog posts. In one word? Cute.

But. Cute enough to start a romance?  You’ll have to wait and see.

PS  A housekeeping note: the image of the hay field came from Fine Art Design Studios

PPS  To find out where the cute doggie image came from, come back tomorrow.  [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]









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