Mr Chewy Throws HRD a Bone!

A figurative bone, that is. More commonly known as an invitation. And, we I was pretty excited about it. If you missed the blog post I wrote hinting about this invitation, let me bring you quickly up-to-date.

Four days ago, I received an email introduction/invitation written on Mr Chewy’s behalf by a well-heeled gentleman. He liked the overall tone and quality of my blog – as did Mr Chewy. Together,  they wondered if I’d be interested in commenting on their online shopping experience on my blog.

They sweetened their offer by adding a $50 digital credit that I could use at and were quick to add that this was a “no strings offer.”

“We want an honest opinion.”

I had nothing to lose and my dogs had a LOT of dog goodies to gain.

As I’m sure you know, the internet is a vast, almost-bottomless-pit of a place, kind of like being a tiny needle in a hay stack.  So, I don’t think that Mr Chewy will be offended if I confess that prior to receiving his email, I had Never Heard of Him.

That said, you can trust me when I tell you that when I clicked onto Mr Chewy’s web site four days ago, that was the first time I’d seen it.

Here’s what I liked about THAT experience:

1.  Love the colors they chose for the site! What is it about the right shade of blues and orange that just works? Along with accents of green and purple; lots of white space so that the web site has an open energy to it and doesn’t feel “closed in” the way it would feel if they’d chosen a very DARK background color.

2.  Can see everything at once but there’s no cluttered space.  Let’s see if I can explain this more clearly than I summarized it.  There’s a lot of “stuff” on the home page. But, it’s all arranged in a way that flows; draws your eye in.

Almost as if the web designer said, “Let’s create this so that a visitor’s eye will naturally seek out what they’re interested in.”  Nobody gave me the inside scoop on this, but I “got this” almost immediately after clicking onto the site.

As a first time visitor, I didn’t feel overwhelmed looking at everything on the home page; I could “see at a glance” all that Mr Chewy offered his customers and, I found myself smiling at that cute doggie posing up in the top left corner of the site.

Somebody has a design sense of humor, and I like that.

3.  This could be an interactive shopping experience. If I wanted it to be.   There was the “live chat” button off to the top right side of the home page.

4.  Lots of benefits for me – the online shopper.

Prices under what I’d pay at a retail store. My order delivered right to my door. Free shipping on orders of $49 – plus, and they have my brand.

Well, they think they have my brand. And, with 80 brands to choose from … they might.

After taking all of this in, it was time to Explore The Site Itself.

Here’s what I liked about that:

1. Site is VERY user friendly.   It was easy to click around on the various product tabs and then to click on the individual product images.  Individual products have little stars underneath them, which tells you that they’ve been customer rated.

Be careful you don’t get lost in the customer reviews. I did. Some of Mr Chewy’s customers tell some awfully good stories about how their animals liked what their human guardians had ordered.

What I also liked about reading the customer reviews is that some of the customers weren’t too happy with what they’d ordered.  And they wrote about that.

Pretty gutsy of Mr Chewy’s human partners to have set up this customer review part of the web site.  It kind of sort of made me feel like I was on Amazon where there’s no censorship when it comes to customer reviews.

And, there’s a lovely sense of community … on Mr Chewy’s site. Could it be that was part of Mr Chewy’s game plan all along?

(And you get the sense that Customer Service is highly rated around here. Hm.)

2.  Like the referral program. Which you can read about here.

3.  REALLY like Mr. Chewy’s commitment to three animal organizations.  Which you probably already know about if you checked out his referral program page.

4. HRD is a stickler for language. You may think that dogs are my life’s passion. And, to a certain extent, you’d be right. But. Even more than dogs, what can keep me up at night, is the creative arrangement of words in a sentence, fit into a paragraph, or woven into a blog post.

You can tell a lot about someone by the words they choose to attract people to them online. This is what I like to call “romancing your visitor.”

And, as I easily scrolled up and down pages of Mr Chewy’s web site and clicked through its pages, I found myself enjoying the actual content. The words themselves.

Take this tag line as an example:

“Delivering Pet Happiness”

That’s a brilliant tag line.  Somebody took care to get it Just Right.

It appears that my initial web site experience rates an A+.  But, there’s Something Else that I still have to do before I can finish my online shopping experience.

I need to go shopping.

Can’t wait.

Any suggestions for me?  [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]


  1. Polly says

    So create an account so you can “refer” us! They do seem to have a great selection – I was searching for grain free large treats” (trying to identify what is causing Clifford’s eyes to itch and be puffy, something to fit and stay in a large black kong) and found a great selection! Just about every good dogfood you could want, and they had the Swheatscoop we use for the cats – at very good pricing, especially if one takes advantage of the free shipping over $49 worth of purchases.

    • htkhp says

      The “account creating” might come later today, Polly. Have to figure out what I want to order for MY dogs – which might be some of the Fromm dog treats.


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