Meeting a Friend. Falling in Love Again.

This is a photograph of me killing time.  Well, not the physical me, but the results of me. I’m much better at this now that I’ve got my own camera. It’s a lot of fun to kill time with one.

Especially when you show up early for meeting a friend.

My goal was to be able to hold the camera steady enough so that whatever photo I took wouldn’t slant to the right or the left. I’m not sure that I planned on those trees showing up in the side mirror … but, they’re rather a nice touch.

There’s a building slightly off in the distance that I’d be walking into shortly after I took a few more photographs. It’s where all of the Pet Connection programs are created and then put into action.  The program itself is brand new and is managed by Gail Furst, CPDT KA.

Gail’s official title is: Pet Connections Program Manager.

She’s the very first program manager. Which means that she gets to roll this program out as part of what the Ontario ARC offers to people who have intellectual and developmental differences.

Gail and I have know each other for a ga-zillion 21 years and when she found out I was going to be in Ontario County this afternoon, she suggested I stop by to see her.

Mostly, I went because I wanted to see Albert James.  I have been head-over-heels in love with Albert since I met him three years ago.  He is my Main Man. Forever.

He had a busy day.  And, when there was a lull in the action, he didn’t hesitate to sack out in Gail’s office.

Today was the first time I’d ever had to watch Albert work. He’s a certified Therapy Pet and does all of his work with Gail.  What I hadn’t realized until today is how q-u-i-e-t he is. I’ve almost never heard him bark. When he’s trying to make a point, he’ll lock eyes with you. Or whine … very softly.

What I love is that if he really likes you, he’ll climb up into your lap. Which is what he almost did with me as the two of us hung out in Gail’s office waiting for The Work to get started.

You haven’t lived until a boxer has climbed into your lap. Or kissed you all over your face. He did wake up at one point:

And I was head-over-heels in love All Over Again.  Boxer Bliss. (Sigh)  [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]


    • htkhp says

      Yes, Albert is precious itself. And, when you watch him work with a group of kids or simply bounce down a hallway headed for the outside to play, I honestly think he’s the consummate dog.


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