Orchids at the Sonnenberg Greenhouse.

The Saturday that I stood a short distance from this pond, was bitter cold. I was standing in a parking lot. My fingers half frozen as I fumbled around with the different buttons on my camera. Wearing gloves would have defeated the purpose.

We’d come out to the Sonnenberg greenhouses to look at the orchids and had not been disappointed. If ever the phrase, “one picture is worth one thousand words” rang true, it did that today.

How do you find the words to describe this?

Maybe writing it isn’t the point.  Maybe the point is just to marvel at its complex, serene beauty.

To clear your mind and let the brilliant colors pull you away from the grey day. To find that still place inside you. Or maybe this is easier than that. This is heart’s ease. God’s work. Nature’s way of showing you that spring is almost here. Like the cherry blossoms farther south. Or blue bonnets even farther south than that. Each in their own way are a sign that spring is near; that if there is a larger message, it’s that there are some things we will never fully “get.” Some things that are beauty for beauty’s sake. So that when those grey, dreary days pull at our hearts, we can find a way out of the doldrums by simply feasting our eyes on flowers.

“If I am content with a little, enough is as good as a feast.” – William Shakespeare  [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]







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