Did You Ever Chase the Secret?

Some people spend their lives chasing secrets, like an endless game of fetch, because, once upon a time, someone told them, or they read about it, or heard about it at an event, that if they just knew this one secret, their lives would be better … richer.

Cottage industries about “the secret” popped up all over.  Books were written, movies got made. Landing pages were constructed that tied to list building software that funneled back to data bases designed to deliver an endless stream of offers.

Some of those offers were honest. Others were a Barnum and Bailey circus of mirrors that spiraled around and around; a merry-go-round that wouldn’t stop. It was easy to get lost in the glitter; to move farther away from where you’d started until you forgot why you’d gone looking in the first place.

Life on the internet is often a shouting match where all kinds of offers compete for your attention.  There’s always an up-sell to pull you in deeper; another stick to chase.

Were you one of the many who got sucked in by the promise that your life would be richer once you knew the secret?  [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]



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    I’ve always been wary of ‘sure-things’… especially if you had to pay someone to find out what it is. But it’s so true that there are tons of them out there – everyone seems to have the answer to making millions and being successful!

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