It’s April And the Weekend’s Almost Here.

I wanted to finish the week with a celebratory nod to the month of April and when I wandered downstairs, late yesterday afternoon, and saw this bouquet of pink roses, I knew I’d found a pretty note to end on.

I wasn’t sure if I’d have any words left to wow you with, but, I did think that the photograph might take your breath away in just the way that it did mine.

And, maybe that would be enough this one time.

Sometimes, it’s more important to just show up rather than put on a performance; to leave a foot print in the sand instead of trying to build an elaborate sand castle.

Today feels like one of those days:  when it’s okay to step back and not worry about lofty ideas or word games, when it’s better to be part of the background scenery rather than taking center stage.

To say thank you for being a necessary part of why I show up here because, thanks to all of you, I feel compelled to show up —  to do my very best to make you think in a slightly different way or to leave you something that makes you smile; that touches your heart or that reminds you of something.

Even on the days when I’m not quite sure what it is that I want to say.





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