1. Polly says

    When we had our two shepherd-lab ladies, their happiest days were when we visited my mom and dad, who lived near a reservoir, and my sister in Alabama, who lives on a slow slow moving river – the sight of them arriving at the doorstep of my sister’s house (Ginger was the master of escaping a 6 foot fenced yard) dripping wet. They would escape the yard, run down to the river for a swim, then immediately come back for breakfast. Water was more important than even food! At the reservoir, sometime they had to shlep their way through some distance of mucky mud to get to the water, but they certainly made the decision it was worth the effort. Getting them cleaned up enough to put them back in the car was a chore, but you never saw happier faces!

  2. Faith Pepper says

    Some years ago, I remember we have a dog called boomer which belongs to my brother. I never really realise how they were attach each other until one day the dog has disappeared. I have never seen how my little brother affected on him only to find that his dog was only on a hide inside a box. My brother was so happy finding his beloved pet. I have a little terrier and I love taking him for a walk on the sea sands where I live in Weston super Mare.

    Kind regards
    Faith Pepper

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