No Good Deed Goes Unrewarded.

Treats, glorious dog treats.  Nothing could be finer. The dogs are beside themselves and can’t wait to experience new taste sensations. I’m thinking that the sweet potato bag is going to be a hit.  Just a feeling I have.

When I was placing the order, I decided to share the wealth among my cats and so ordered a few cat treats; took a wild guess because cats are really fussy and chose one flavor: herring and salmon.

Which, both cats refused. Apparently, this kind of herring and salmon isn’t their thing. Like I said, cats are really fussy — their disenchantment with this new-to-them snack wasn’t too surprising.

What’s that saying:  No harm no foul…?

And, then there’s another saying: there’s more than one way to skin a cat.  Tweak it, just a bit: there are a lot more cats than just my two.  Other cats that might want to check these treats out.  There are three bags of ’em and, rather than have them go to waste, I’m thinking my son can take them out to Lollypop Farm this afternoon; make a small, cat treat donation to the resident cats.

I’m told that no good deed goes unrewarded. So, perhaps, in the universe’s plan for mankind, the rank order of how this all came to be:  from that first email to me from Mr Chewy that resulted in my writing two blog posts, which led to my placing an order, that produced this box of dog and cat treats … that were rebuffed by my cats, that culminated in that “light bulb” moment, that natural thought process that took me from my own cats to that larger world of shelter cats — just a larger population of cats when you think about it, isn’t it possible that somewhere in that shelter cat population there will be a few that will have a fondness for this particular type of herring and salmon?

Perhaps that unselfish act of kindness that my son does later this afternoon will prompt someone else to yet another small, deliberate act of kindness.  Isn’t that how the ripples start their journey? How we move from tiny, yet significant gifts that generate larger, similar ways of giving, which in turn might bring us closer to world peace?

Anything is possible when no good deed goes unrewarded and isn’t that a cool thing?








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