Pet Connections Introduces Brutus – Through Gail’s Eyes

This charming, clear-eyed, black beauty is Brutus. He’s a two year old lab-mix that has the honor to be the very first canine to go through the Pet Connection program offered through the Ontario ARC.

They say that the eyes are the window of the soul and looking into Brutus’ eyes, I feel in my heart that that’s true.

I haven’t met him yet but because there is so much excitement out in Ontario about this young dog, I wanted to at least introduce you to him and to tell you about him through Gail’s eyes.

Gail said:  “Brutus is respectful on leash, he pulls but as soon as you tell him not to pull he tries very hard to remain closer to you.”

He likes treats and will sit and lay down for one. And, he likes being brushed so much that he turns it into play.

He let Gail handle his feet, his ears and his tail and she can put her hands in his mouth.

These are all good things for a dog to be comfortable with because they’re excellent signs that Brutus likes to be touched.

Since last Friday was his very first day at Pet Connections, he spent most of his time in a roomy crate checking things out. Some of the other staff members at ARC stopped by to meet him and that made him happy.

Some of that time was a bit anxious for him — he was, after all, in a brand new environment, but Gail knew how to calm things down for him and when she did that, he settled down again.

I understand she played a little Bob Dylan for him – life doesn’t get much better than that.

On his second day at Pet Connections, Brutus started learning basic obedience.  Learning how to sit was the order of the day, along with learning how not to jump up on people. Gail calls this his “joyfulness”  because he is “… so hungry for attention!”

What’s wonderful for Brutus is that he gets to be a part of Pet Connections until he finds his forever, loving home. He’s one of the dogs that is under the care of the Ontario County Humane Society.

This animal shelter partners with Pet Connections, providing the dogs that Gail brings into her program.

None of which Brutus pays attention to. Not that he has to because he’s surrounded by a fabulous team of people who all have his best interests at heart. And that’s the best gift that a homeless dog can have.  [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]



    • htkhp says

      And you are a good friend to me. The work that you’re doing with Pet Connections – even though this program is still in its infancy – almost leaves me speechless. I am so excited for what’s to come as you continue to share what you know about animals with so many people in your community. I see a ripple effect expanding outward into infinity…and that’s powerful.


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