The Unofficial Rules For Playing Fetch

The rules for playing fetch are pretty simple.  Rule number one:  it takes two willing partners. One to throw and one to fetch. Both of you have to show up with your game face on.

Rule number two:  there can be no distractions. Turn off all electronic devices and leave them in the house.  Stop the inner dialogue. That nagging voice reminding you of all of the things on your growing to-do list? Shut. It. Off.

Rule number three:  location, location, location.  Find the best spot. The one that’s away from roads and all unsavory distractions.  You’ll need plenty of space and, if at all possible, a take-your-breath-away view.

Like a city skyline far off in the distance. Or a stand of trees at the edge of a meadow. If you’re resourceful or just plain lucky enough, nothing beats playing fetch on the shoreline of a lake.

With a lab.

Rule number four:  keep your eye on the ball each other. Fetch is a game that asks you to trust each other – to desire success for your partner more than you want success for yourself.

And to know that you will move heaven and earth to make that happen.  [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]


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