Not a Post About The Ontario ARC Pet Connections Program.

I’ll bet you’re thinking that this blog post is going to be about the Ontario ARC Pet Connections program – the program that I’ve already blogged about.

And, part of it will be about that. Especially since I’ve been welcomed on board as an official volunteer for this program! Which I am really excited about.

I was out at the ARC today, to drop off my completed application and some other paperwork. I spent about two and a half hours with Gail and 11 very enthusiastic participants in the Pet Connections program. We were all pretty happy because today was Brutus’ day to come out and be the star of this program.

Brutus is the young, mixed breed dog that is waiting for his forever home over at the Ontario County Humane Society, fondly known as  “Happy Tails.”  Ontario ARC has partnered with Happy Tails as the ARC rolls out this brand new program designed to connect people with autism and other developmental differences with pets.

Just in case you wanted another look at this gorgeous and outgoing adolescent dog, here he is waiting for Gail to come back to her office:

But.  This isn’t really supposed to be a blog post about Brutus any more than it’s supposed to be about the Pet Connection program.

So, if I’m not blogging about the Pet Connections program (this time) and I’m not blogging about Brutus (this time), what exactly am I blogging about?

Me – and the connections in my life that brought me to this program as a volunteer.

I first heard about the Pet Connections program when my friend Gail, told me that she’d been hired as the manager for the program.  Despite my long fascination with dogs and all of the things I’ve done,  pet therapy stayed on the edge of my life.

Until I started blogging at Healing Rescue Dogs.

It was all of the writing and my growing fascination with that healing connection that dogs have without understanding that it’s one of their best gifts to us. I wanted to dive in someplace where I knew this was taking place … or about to take place. And, without any hard searching, it was as if the Pet Connections program landed in my lap.

So, here I am, committed to Fridays out at the ARC, volunteering for their Pet Connections program.  And, here is my important disclaimer:  I am not an employee of Ontario ARC and my blog posts will never presume to speak for this organization or any of its staff.

As a volunteer, I’ll be spending time with many of the individuals who come to Ontario ARC for services and I will never behave in any way – which includes blogging – that will infringe upon their privacy.

I do plan to blog about some of my experiences as a volunteer, which will include blogging about the dogs that are chosen to be a part of the program.  I hope you’ll come back often to see what develops because this is going to be one of the most important, life-changing stories that I tell.  [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]









    • htkhp says

      I am so looking forward to this, Gail and Sherri, I can’t wait for those stories myself. I’ve felt for a long time that stories are “change agents” in our lives and when you can tell stories about the things you are passionate about, it’s like a marriage made in heaven!

    • htkhp says

      No doubt, I feel like I’ve come to a good place. I do truly feel blessed to have been welcomed as a volunteer. And, I can’t wait for the stories to telling themselves!


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