A Rose is a Rose Unless it’s a Dog Bed

A rose is a rose is a rose … unless it’s a custom made dog bed. Which, in a manner of speaking, is what you are looking at.  Just pretend that your nose is pressed up against a glass counter – kind of like what you used to do when you were lusting after the donuts at the local bakery shop and you squished your nose up against the old fashioned glass case.

I can bring you that close (in a photograph) to doggie snooze heaven.

If you’re an expert on identifying fabric (and, if you look really closely) you might be able to figure out what not-so-rare and very practical material was used to make this comfortable, I-can’t-believe-I-get-to-sleep-on-it-because-my-person-bought-it-for-me dog bed.

Here’s a gentle hint:  see those tiny nubs scattered like frost that sparkles on the tips of your lawn grass when the temperatures dip to freezing?  Where do you come across those nubs at least once if not more times in a day?

If you guessed towels, you win the prize, which, today, is my heart felt thank you for showing up to read this blog post.

Note that this towel dog bed is two-toned.  If your pet has a fondness for pink or if pink happens to be your favorite color, you simply flip that side up. Like this:

I knew the moment I saw this towel dog bed that it would be a Cinderella fit for the wire dog crate that is in my son’s bedroom where our two smaller than Great Dane sized dogs like to rest throughout the day.

And, so it was: the perfect size bed for this medium sized crate.

Every crate worth its salt needs dog toys in addition to a comfy bed – and if the dog toys have been dearly loved – which means that they’ve been dragged around the house, stolen from one of the other resident dogs, and properly chewed on – so much the better.

Tessa was very interested in watching my son and I pull all of the original, hodge-podge of blankets out of her crate so that we could replace everything with this new one.  As you can see, she camped out almost as soon as we finished.

What you can’t see are the two cats and my 15 year old whippet, Josephine, trying to edge in on this small housekeeping event.

I’ll bet you’re wondering how you can get your hands on a towel dog bed just like this one. Or, maybe you’re remembering my earlier post about the very cool, one-of-a-kind sock dog beds? There is a connection between the two different types of dog beds.

They are made by the individuals who take part in the Pet Connections program out at the Ontario Arc. Each dog bed is made by hand with meticulous attention to detail and quality.  At least, that’s what I think.  And all of the beds will soon be available for purchase with the proceeds from the sales going directly back into the Pet Connections program.

Which is a very cool thing, wouldn’t you agree?

“Available soon” is the optimal phrase. Things are still being put into place so that this part of the Pet Connections program runs smoothly.  If you or someone you know has gently used, clean socks that could be donated to the Sock Bed enterprise,  they would love to have them; they are ready now for the “collecting of socks” part of the program.

If you know me personally and live in the local area, please feel free to contact me about this. You can connect with me here at Healing Rescue Dogs – use any of the share buttons located at the top of the side bar –  or you can find me on Face book.

If you want to contact someone at the Ontario ARC about how best to donate socks directly to the Pet Connections program, you can click here to read about this program; note the phone number at the end of that post:  585-919-2146.

As always, with the posts that I write about Pet Connections and/or the Ontario ARC, the views and opinions expressed are completely my own. I take on the role of a respectful, raving fan for a program that I feel is so important that everyone needs to know about it.  [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]






    • htkhp says

      To be accurate, Barbara, it’s a not for profit organization – that’s the Ontario ARC itself. Pet Connections is a program within the ARC agency that connects pets with people who have autism or other developmental differences. All of that said, I’ll bet that the program would love to hear from your son.

  1. says

    We wish we were not so far away in Australia so we could give you some designer pet beds. We will however spread the word on our Facebook page. Thank you for helping the animals.

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