What Labs Know About Turning Work Into Play

Sometimes, the important things that happen aren’t visible to the naked eye.  So that we think the doing of a thing is easy when the reality is that doing anything well takes a lot of work.

That’s if you want to get really good at what you do.

Do something long enough, improve your skill set, and, your hard work rewards you. The irony is that other people watching never see how hard you had to work.

Which is what this young lab is doing … working really hard, except that you can’t see it.  Look how smooth the surface of the lake is. Not a lot of splash, is there?

The work takes place below the lake’s surface where all four dog legs are plowing through the water. Her heart’s pumping furiously; her breathing’s ramped up. This dog is on a mission to get that orange ball and all of her being is working hard to make that happen …

because she wants it.

Wanting and doing the work to get it.  Learn to do the work well enough so that it becomes play.  And watch the magic happen.  [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]








  1. says

    What a wonderful thought!

    I definitely share a goal with your dog then…one day I hope to be able to make work play. Or perhaps I should try to make play profitable instead?

    • htkhp says

      There are some things that are what I like to call “pearls beyond price” and play is one of those pearls. But, if you can corner the market on something that is meaningful to you …. which might also turn a profit – that’s not such a bad thing.

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