Fashion With A Purpose for Pet Connections Program

This is Albert James modeling the latest in canine fashion:  a “dog slip cover” for a dog collar. I like to call it “fashion with a purpose.”

Here’s one cool thing about this slip cover.  If you’re out on a trail with your dog or just walking around the block and you don’t want all of your dog’s tags to jingle and clank, you can slide one of these slip dog collar covers over your dog’s collar and quietly walk your dog.

It’s easy and works like this:

The slip dog collar covers come in all different colors and patterns because fashion – both canine and human – is all about choice.

See what I mean?

This is Melvin. He’s a five year old Labrador Retriever who accompanies his human, Melissa Winkle, OTR/L around the world as she meets with individuals and organizations interested in improving the lives of a lot of people with diverse backgrounds, interests and abilities.  (Melvin’s waiting for his collar to be slipped.)

On the day that I took these photographs, Melissa Winkle and Melvin were the featured guests of a meeting that the Ontario ARC staff put together to talk about their long term vision for the Pet Connections program.

That exciting story is one that you can look forward to hearing about over on the Ontario Ark Speaks blog.

So, bookmark their blog and stay tuned!

What I want to blog about are these cool looking dog collar slip covers. I’m still not sure what to call them.  Here’s my short list:

Slip Covers For Dog Collars

Dog Collar Slip Covers                          

Slips For Your Dog’s Collar

Cover Your Dog’s Collar With Slips

Not that this kept me up at night, but it’s the way my brain is wired. I’m fascinated with the endless combinations of good ideas and word combinations.  It’s my justification for avoiding house cleaning.

All right, then. Now that you know one of my quirks talents, let’s look at some interesting numbers.

According to the American Pet Products Association, (APPA),  the pet products industry will take in about $53 billion in overall pet spending in the year 2012. When you break that number down into billions, here’s what it looks like:

20.46 billion spent on food

12.56 billion spent on supplies & on Over The Counter (OTC) meds

13.59 billion spent on vet care

Supplies is a nice catch all phrase that (hopefully) includes dog collars, leashes, dog beds and, perhaps: dog collar slip covers.  And, 12.56 billion is a huge number. No doubt, about it, pet owners like to buy stuff for their animals.

Which is something that the Pet Connections program is banking on. Remember, that this is a brand new program that the Ontario ARC is rolling out so that people with autism can benefit from animal assisted therapy and activities.

Which is a program that I’ve blogged about in other blog posts.

Especially the sock dog beds that Albert James has modeled in a previous post.

Looked at another way, the sock dog beds and the slip covers for dog collars are “fashions with a purpose” for the dogs in your life.  All the sales from these cool products are put directly back into the Pet Connections program.

Which is a wonderful way to re-invest in your business, especially if your “business” is providing meaningful supportive, goal-directed services to people who, just like you and me, seek to make this world a better place.

As always, with the posts that I write about Pet Connections and/or the Ontario ARC, the views and opinions expressed are completely my own. I take on the role of a respectful, enthusiastic, raving fan for a program that I feel is so important that everyone needs to know about it.









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