Dog Lovers Play The Guessing Game: Is Tessa a Feist Dog?

Dog lovers never tire of playing that “what do you think she is?” game when it comes to the mixed breed dogs that share their lives.

My husband and I have been playing this game for more than 20 years. Now that our son is interested in trying to figure out Tessa’s genetic background, he’s started playing with us.

He left a link on my Face book wall yesterday with a “Hey, what do you think?” comment. Which I found this morning. Now, the fun begins again.

What are the odds that Tessa could be a Feist dog? Never mind that this is brand new information for me. After some preliminary research online, starting with that first link, I’ve got photos and content to explore.

Aside from the fact that she looks exactly like some of the photos I found of dogs that are said to be Feists, I really like the temperament description from the Dogster web site:

    • Spirited
    • Friendly
    • Dependable
    • Intelligent
    • Fearless

There are a ton of photographs of this type of dog, which you can easily google on your own time.  I did that.  Each of those photos takes you to a web site; the ones that trace this breed back to the days of George Washington and some of the literary references caught my eye.

That Tessa’s a mixed-breed is a given.  If, in fact, her larger DNA mix comes from Feist traits, there’s a lot about her that now makes sense to me. Like: her long legs, straight back, huge ears; strong prey drive mixed with a sweet disposition; that “fearless,” I-am-going-to-protect-my-home-from-invaders-no-matter-what attitude …

her physical size, the shape of her head; that unbelievable nose.

Her straight up in the air jumping.  Which (almost) looks like this:

So, what do you think – are you ready to play with me?  Do your own poking around online; start your own search on Feist dogs and then come back here and leave a comment or two.

I’d really enjoy hearing from folks who are pretty certain that they have a Feist dog (or two), so if you can put me in front of that audience, by sharing this post, I’d love that.  [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]


  1. Polly says

    She is much to elegant in her lines to be a Feist dog – she looks more like a miniature Pharaoh dog, or the Canario (though they are listed as aggressive, which it does not sound like Tessa)

    • htkhp says

      I do believe that Tessa’s a mix-breed – and – my guess is that there’s some Italian Greyhound somewhere in the mix – she’s heavier boned than IG’s which could be due to other genetic influences and, maybe, part of what that is, is Feist! We’ll never completely know for sure until I break down and do the blood work to nail this down. For now, it’s more fun to guess.

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