Just Another Pretty Dogwood Tree.

Just another pretty dogwood tree in bloom. Which was not an overnight success. I know because I planted this particular tree – with its mate – out in my front yard – over five years ago.

“Its mate?”

Can trees have mates?

This one does. Because I thought it was better to plant two of the same kind of tree so that there would be a symmetry in my yard. I planted one dogwood with white blossoms and one with pink.

There were times when I thought this planting wasn’t going to work. In fact, as I remember it, we had to dig one of the trees up and replace it; it was in poor health for a tree.

I could watch it die or I could be proactive and yank it out by its root ball. Take the garden store up on its 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.  That transaction started the waiting process all over again.

When would they bloom?

Not that first year. Not the second year. The dogwood tree with the white blossoms bloomed that third year and the year after that, there were some sorry-looking pink blossoms on its mate.

This year, the two trees got their collective act together and burst into bloom almost at the same time.  It was a take-your-breath-away moment that’s lasted for almost two months that included a heavy snowfall.

Heavy enough that one of the primary limbs from one of the trees snapped off.

You might not notice its absence if you were looking at this tree for the first time.  And, if I’m looking at this tree from one of the second floor windows of my house, I can’t see where there’s a gap because its gone.

Must be a sign that my baby trees are farther along in this growing process. Getting stronger. Learning how to stand on their own two feet, so to speak.

Isn’t it always true, never mind if you’re talking about planting trees, working with dogs, having kids, figuring out how to save your marriage, save yourself from your marriage;

no matter if you’re about to start a business, re-start a business,  be a better friend, or start that whole thing over and make new friends …

isn’t it always true that every good thing takes time?   [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]






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